VRDK went to CopenX.

Last weekend was the main event of the year for VR/AR interested people, when CopenX took place over 4 days, so naturally – thanks to the generosity of SharkGaming.dk – VRDK was among the crowd.
CopenX took place in Carlsberg Byen and in the raw concrete atmosphere of Dansehallerne there were many opportunities for trying out the latest technology in VR/AR.
While VR was still taking up most of the booths, there was also some examples of AR (Augmented Reality) among the crowds.
One business that VRDK particularly saw the potential for – in regards to our clients – was the projection of images onto the dusty floors of the halls, only visible through the big AR glass.
On the audio spectrum VRDK talked to a company specializing in 3D audio. A market still quite unexploded, but nonetheless relevant. If nothing else it was nice to escape the sound of the rain for a few minutes.
Many hours were of course also spent at the keynote speeches. Where the future of VR/AR was discussed and laid out by some of the leading women and men in the business. And the future is indeed VR/AR. No question about that.

Of course most of the booths at CopenX were focused on gaming – Shark Gaming having a long line to try their VR racing game – and while we stay updated on that area it is not VRDKs main focus.
We came back with some great new insights and a few business cards for future use, so that we can keep expanding our network and give our clients the best possible VR/AR solutions.
Once again a big thank you to SharkGaming.dk for their generosity.