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VRDK is a production and development company
specializing in everything
  Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality

VRDK (Virtual Reality – Denmark) will guide our clients through the landscape of the technology and how to best implement it into their company. Be it advertising, education, business processes or anything in between. We oversee every aspect of our clients solutions and take full responsibility for our work. However you wish to implement VR/AR/MR, we will help you  and make you realize your vision.

Daydrem Virtual Reality briller

Virtual Reality

It has been called the biggest thing to happen in technology since the smartphone.
Virtual Reality cast a net so wide, that the only real boundary for its potential lies at the edge of imagination.
From the medical industry to the gaming industry – The opportunities are many and far.
Among these opportunities lies the commercial aspect. As virtual reality is becoming more and more mainstream, businesses will have to keep reaching the consumers where they are.

VRDK are experts in creating unique solutions for individual clients. We understand the tech and we understand the market.
We offer everything, from workshops, speaks, guidance, custom-made VR glasses and everything else one could imagine in the virtual reality world.

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Augmented Reality bog der scannes med tablet og papegøjer der flyver ud af tablet

Augmented Reality

With a $2 billion investment into the technology, Apple is making augmented reality their new flagship for future growth.
Augmented reality is often compared with virtual reality, but they are in fact two different technologies.
Augmented reality is creating a virtual layer on top of reality. It could be scanning the barcode of a package with your phone or tablet and have the product appear in front of you like a hologram.
In other words: You are inserting something virtual into a real object/surface.

VRDK have a big portfolio of talented developers as well as a deep understanding of the creative process. From idea to execution, VRDK will oversee and guide you through the entire process of creating a unique AR experience that will make your customers go “Wow!”.

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Samsung 360 kamera i hvid

360° Video

Forget everything you know about traditional video and film. 360° video is it’s own beast.
360° video is a subcategory of virtual reality. In simple terms it is a video, without the restrictions of a fourth wall.
To see a 360° video in virtual reality glasses is comparable to being inside the film yourself. The camera sees it all and so do you.

VRDK have produced a number of 360° videos for our clients.
The spectrum of these videos span simple productions of walking a street to help people with anxiety to more commercial productions where the clients wished to show of new products or take a virtual tour of the offices to help with recruiting.
VRDK will assist in the entire production from storyboard to editing.
As with virtual reality, the boundaries are few.

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HTC Vive i sort


Want to have the most talked about office party in decades? Go with Virtual Reality.
Imagine standing on the bottom of the ocean and watching as whales and other creatures of the ocean swim by you. Or standing on a space station with a shield and a laser gun fending of the attacks of the aliens.
Maybe you always dreamt of being an archer? Dream no more. You will get to defend your castle from the hordes of barbarians. Your bow in one hand and arrow in the other.
The possibilities are many with the groundbreaking HTC Vive.

VRDK offers mobile virtual reality experiences in your own location.
With a big catalogue of games and experiences we are ready to provide entertainment that will blow everybody away!
VR events is perfect for both team building and pure entertainment.

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  • DR Media Research & Ipsos did a collaboration with Virtual Reality - Denmark to make a focus group interview in Virtual Reality … The pilot project was a huge success which was in many ways that VRDK were prepared for everything… We have been nothing but satisfied with the process and result.

    DR & Ipsos
  • It was a pleasure to work with Virtual Reality - Denmark through our VR project. They were well prepared from start to finish. The team behind VRDK took responsibility, had great commitment and always good inputs. I will definitely recommend others to work with VRDK...  

    Tomas Z.Mathiesen
    Consultant, PwC Denmark
  • When you as a non-expert gets an idea to do “something with VR and 3D glasses” it is really wonderful to get in contact with experts who takes care of you and despite any challenges, help you on the way to make the idea a reality.

    Engineer the Future
  • The VR-Glass and the 360˚ film of De Forenede Dampvaskeriers high-tech Cleanroom was a hit among the visitors and added to the whole exhibition with the focus on innovation and high-tech. The stand was awarded best exhibition on the R3 conference.

    De Forenede Dampvaskerier