In today’s post we will look at some of the news in Virtual Reality over the last week.


Paragliding in VR (in Denmark)

Universe Science Park, a danish amusement park with a focus on science, will be the first to showcase the “ParadropVR” experience.
The attraction combines the immersive feeling that Virtual Reality creates with hardware that lets the body experience the feeling too.
Not unlike the progress in creating suits that will let you experience the VR physically.
In addition to this new experience the park also offers other Virtual Reality experiences, such as the Tilt Brush from Google, that allows the user to paint in 3D.


NBA & TNT bringing VR to the court 

In collaboration with Intel, TNT & NBA will be giving lovers of basketball a brand new experience.
Through big cameras mounted around the court, the viewer will be able to follow the game in VR as close as if they had courtside tickets.
This is meant for the viewers to go from being passive watching the game, to being an interactive part of it.


HTC merging phones and VR

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that HTC was launching a new version of their Vive.
This falls into place with the recent departure of the CEO of HTC.
It has been officially said that the company will undergo management change and that the company will be merging its VR and Smartphone departments.
This is said to be because of HTC wishing to go all in on Virtual Reality and pushing the HTC Vive even more on the B2C market.
There is also speculating that this is HTC throwing in the towel in the battle for the smartphone and simply letting other players compete for it.