2017 was big for Virtual and Augmented Reality, but 2018 is here and with that we move closer to the 2020 benchmark year. 2020, the year where everything will reach its climax and explode. Including Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Have you ever sat through an ad/commercial or an intrusive pop-up and thought “that was great”? – Of course not.
We do not like ads. Which is evident by the fact that Ad-blockers spiked 30% worldwide in 2016.
Virtual and Augmented Reality is about to change that.
The target groups that advertisers really want to reach is the Gen Y & X. They are also the group that despise the current advertising culture the most. Evidenced by things like cutting cable TV and relying on ad-free Netflix.
The new generations do not want to be yelled at. They want to engage and be part of the conversation.
This is where Virtual and Augmented Reality really put the nails in the coffin of the traditional advertising model.
Traditionally the shotgun-effect of advertising has been effective but expensive. We saw that with the rise of the Television.
The internet changed that, with the targeted ads. But the targeted ads also brought with it a mistrust and a rise to the ad-blocker.
Virtual and Augmented Reality offer the user something that has always been a success in marketing: Immersion.
This has traditionally been seen offline – Storefronts or on the streets. But Virtual and Augmented Reality offers the marketers an opportunity to build a digital infrastructure that gives the customer immersion from their own home or with Augmented Reality in particular: An interest in actually interacting with the Ad.
We are already seeing big companies like IKEA embracing the Augmented Reality technology with their new app that allow the user to visualise how an IKEA product will look in the home.


At VRDK we are working on something similar for a number of our danish clients, that have seen the potential in AR.
This shift in the technology will earn back the trust for the consumers. Which in turn will make them more likely to engage in the products.
If your company is interested in implementing AR then contact VRDK today for more information.