Sunday was spent with our VR Event service.

(You can book VR Event for your party/event right now too!)

As mentioned, we were out most of sunday, visiting a kollegium on Østerbro, where we entertained the international students with a handful of virtual reality games. Among them was our new game: Richie’s Plank Experience.
In this game, the participant had to walk on a real board (an ironing board in this case) while inside VR they are walking on a plank suspended out of a building on the 60th floor. The VR event was a huge success and sweaty palms were had all around.
Monday was spent with meeting new clients. Booking a few more VR events.
Tuesday we did a talk at Niels Brock about how to implement Virtual Reality in both business and education, respectively. It was a very productive speak and as always the client was happy about getting a deeper understanding of the tech and possibilities of Virtual Reality.
Wednesday we had a lot of meetings in and out of the office.
Among all this running around setting up VR event and meetings, we finally launched our new website!
This has been planned for a while now. First of all we have finally eliminated the B2C shop, so that we are now 100% B2B company in writing too.

The new website was built with simplicity and user-friendly-experience as it’s main focus. The website is build using a parallax design, which means that most of the website is visible on the frontpage and you can scroll from there to most of the information you need, like our services: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Production and VR event.
That is all for this week. Friday will be focused on a well earned Friday bar.