The Military has always experimented with new and innovative ways to train and prepare soldiers. The first virtual reality was designed for the pilots so that they could simulate “dogfights” in the 19th century.

Since the first virtual reality simulators, a lot of water has run under the bridge and today we see VR/AR implemented in especially the American Army, Navy and Air Force. The American army has VR software designed so every possible situation can be simulated in VR for the infantry.
Forsvaret is the unified military armed forces of the Kingdom of Denmark, consisting of the Army, Navy, Air Force all to defend Denmark and its constituent, self-governing nations Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
Forsvaret (Danish military) has always been innovative and never been afraid to use new technology in their job of protecting the Danish people.
VRDK (Virtual Reality – Denmark) visited the Royal Danish Air Force to tell about the possibilities with Virtual Reality, Augmented/Mixed Reality and 360 Video in their current functions. After VRDK spoke we had a genuine discussion about the possibilities within education, individual processes and how VR/AR could visualize big amounts of data.
One of the most difficult parts of being a soldier today is the big amounts of data that needed to be processed when you are in a hectic situation. Therefore, VR/AR can be the solution to get full situational awareness between Army, Navy and Air Force to be as effective as possible and to avoid casualties.
is very excited about the potential that this technology can add to all industries and especially the military; In that way making their job both more effective and secure in the future by the use of new technology. really enjoy doing speaks about the potential VR/AR and 360 videos has. We look forward seeing this technology become used daily around the world.