Article from Newsec

One thing that we are very excited about is the article from Newsec. Newsec wrote an article containing to the interesting development in the property market and the possibilities of using Virtual Reality when showcasing properties. You can read the Newsec article here.
In short, what Virtual Reality offers the property market, and in the same category: the building development market, is the opportunity to explore the different locations in one location.
Virtual Reality offers the user an opportunity to step into a 360 view of the properties or development. This way the client can survey a large amount of houses from the comfort of an office.
This does not mean, as pointed out in the article, that the real thing won’t matter. Just that it will be easier to make the decision to see the building.
The article from Newsec was published in both Berlingske and Børsen.


DTU & the trip to the atmosphere

As we wrote about a few weeks ago, DTU & VRDK has started a collaboration where we would send a 360 camera 30 km. up in the atmosphere with a hot air balloon.
Unfortunately the danish weather is a fickle mistress and the project has been pushed back to the end of February. The weather is simply not good enough for the data to be usable before.
It’s sad news, but of course we are still very excited about the project and look forward to presententing it when the time comes.


Oculus Go

In other news that are both interesting for the regular consumer and to some extent companies. The Oculus Go is set to be launched in early 2018 (i.e soon).
The Go is a standalone virtual reality headset, meaning that it will not need a computer or smartphone. This is a big push in the VR world, since it moves the market closer to the consumer and therefore it will put VR into the hands of regular consumers and open up the B2B market even further.