DTU Space, National Space Institute started in 2015, their innovative education dedicated for Earth and Space Physics and Engineering. Today they are more than 140 employees and 270 students specialized within this field.

DTU Space, National Space Institute and VRDK (Virtual Reality – Denmark) just started an exciting and innovative project with the intention to gather visual data from space. The project makes it possible to generate 360 data from the stratosphere, so that Danish scientists and students will be able to analyse and research it.
December 21st we went to visit the University to gather a better understanding of the project. We got introduced to the balloons which will be sent to the stratosphere to gather data for the various project which will be present on the balloon.
We got introduced to the satellites which will sent data to earth so it is possible to track it all the way to the stratosphere, and by a 360 degrees camera sponsored by VRDK be possible to film the journey all the way from the earth to the stratosphere and be possible to gather pictures of the moon.
With VRDK experience and passion for 360 solutions; we really look forward creating a unique solution with the new space project.
The mission is set to be launched in January, and we look forward sharing the first footage and our experience within the field. Once again VRDK (Virtual Reality – Denmark) is very proud to start a collaboration like this with DTU – Technical University of Denmark and the Danish space engineers and scientists of tomorrow.