(You can read the business case here)

The project took off when we were contacted by Denmark’s Radio and Ipsos, a market research company. They both wanted to test the opportunity for doing a focus group in Virtual Reality.

VRDK handled everything on the technical end and just when the whole project was ready to launch, the company behind the software we were using went bankrupt… (It has since been revived by Microsoft).
The research face started anew and we settled on using Samsung Gear and the Oculus software, Oculus Rooms.
DR and Ipsos recruited the respondents. The respondents were divided all over Denmark, and received a pair of Samsung Gear glasses. This means that they never actually meet each other (in real life. Only in Virtual Reality)
The one late afternoon a few weeks after the initial email that started it all, VRDK hosted the interview in our offices.
DR and Ipsos took turns moderating the interview, while the other one took notes (in real life).
The interview was 1.5 hours with breaks between.

This opens up a lot of opportunities in the spectrum of incorporating Virtual Reality in the business life.
Imagine, if you will, having a meeting where all participants are located across the world, but you are all looking at the same screen and have virtual avatars to feel you are talking.
Basically a meeting room but digitally.
All in all, the entire project can best be summed up by Ipsos in the email subject the day after:
Thank you! I’m still high on what we accomplished!