About a month ago, VRDK was invited by CBS to talk at their Entrepreneurial Day about virtual reality.

(You can read about that here)

Today we have returned. This time in a more festive manner, but nonetheless the theme is still virtual reality.
CBS is doing their CBS Case Competition and to that extent they wanted to have some form of virtual reality represented, that the participants could partake in between breaks.
Since VRDK offer an on-site event service with the magnificent HTC Vive, we were the obvious choice for CBS to provide the entertainment at their event.
We are slowly filling up the calendar with virtual reality events for the upcoming christmas parties and therefore it was a good thing that CBS contacted us in good time.
The participants were offered to play around in the immersive landscape provided by the HTC Vive.
Everything from playing Fruit Ninja to standing on the bottom of the ocean in the Sundance-winning TheBlu was explored.
After a couple of hours VRDK said our thanks and packed up. Another successful event held.
Remember that you can also provide virtual reality entertainment/presentation for your event at your own location.