Various companies want to take you one step further into the immersive world of Virtual Reality, but Hardlight VR is almost ready with a finished product that makes you feel in Virtual Reality.

It is basically a suit for your upper body, which is fitted with sensors and vibration areas. So, when you are having a Virtual Reality experience, let’s say you play a game where you are an archer and are up against other archers. When you are hit by an arrow, the suit will respond in that place and give you the immersive feeling of being hit.
This creates a new dimension in Virtual Reality, and is not in any way limited to the use within gaming.
VRDK works with a broad specter of branches within Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / 360 videos, and the ability to feel in Virtual Reality, will enable us to develop even more unique and detailed solutions.
While the obvious advantage of the Hardlight VR suit is the feelings, another great feature is that it also lets you see your arms and torso inside the virtual world, where as before, you only had your hands visible.
The Hardlight VR suit is shipping out in March 2018 for the price of just 300 $, and VRDK can’t wait to get it.

Image courtesy: Hardlight VR