Last week we talked a bit about how virtual & augmented reality marketing is about to disrupt and potentially kill the traditional digital marketing scene.

So in that spirit it seems only logical to provide some context and examples on just how augmented reality marketing have already been utilized by companies around the globe.


IKEA AR Shopping

You can’t get around one of the most talked about uses of augmented reality marketing in 2017: IKEA’s new AR app.
Not only did IKEA embrace augmented reality marketing early on.
They also didn’t fall in the trap of utilizing the new tech without adding value to their existing platform.
Not only did IKEA – with its giant brand – make augmented reality marketing a part of their strategy, they also did it early.
That in turn created both value and wow-effect for their customers.


Absolut Vodka AR tour of Sweden

Once again we look to Sweden in being creative with their augmented reality marketing.
Absolut Vodka launched a simple campaign. When buying a bottle of Absolut Vodka there would be a small tag hanging of the bottle.
Scanning that tag would give the customer a 3D tour of the making of Absolut Vodka, in the Swedish town of Åhus.
Again a look at how augmented reality marketing can be simple and yet effective.


IMB grocery shopping with AR

IMB, seeing the potential for augmented reality in marketing, launched a AR app that would help consumers get more information about the products they were buying In 2012.
With a company like IBM it is no surprise that this was already out back in 2012, when AR was still just something that was used in football games.
What is really exciting about this use of augmented reality in the marketing is how it is consumers adding to their physical buying experience with a digital component.
Once again this is quite interesting given that it happened in 2012. We are already seeing this use of the tech more and more in recent years, but IBM was using it back in 2012.
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