Recently people from 26 countries got together and watched the all-female lead WXR Pitch Showcase.

Not one minute was spent in a plane, car, bus or train to make this possible. The meeting was held only in Virtual Reality.
The purpose of the meeting was, as the name suggest, a pitch showcase. The virtual pitch show took place in AltSpaceVR, a social platform for meetings in Virtual Reality, be it for business or leisure.
Meetings in Virtual Reality is not something that seems to far fetched, after all, businesses conduct meetings over Skype or phones all the time.
Meetings in Virtual Reality is just a natural next step.
Not only is it a time saver (and therefore money saver). It will also mean that the environment gets a break from the travels often attached to big meetings.
Now, this whole meetings in Virtual Reality might seem like a gimmick. Why would a Skype call not be just a effective?
Well, consider the speed the tech is moving at and then the fact that you will be able to move around and interact with objects or screens.
So an architecture firm can now showcase and collaborate in Virtual Reality.
For a business meeting you can have a virtual screens where you can have whichever information you need to show. All while standing at the end of the desk and move around.
One place where we have already seen meetings in Virtual Reality is focus groups.
Ericsson conducted a large scale focus group in Virtual Reality – Although the conditions was not controlled.
Another example is VRDK’s own collaboration with DR and Ipsos. Where we held a smaller, but controlled, focus group interview in the offices of VRDK.
So, are you having meetings in Virtual Reality yet?