Co-Founder of VRDK, Tobias Thygesen is currently doing a 3 month journey exploring the VR market in different countries. This is his first blog post written on the road from India to Mexico. Tobias talks about the concept of Shared Virtual Reality.

The rise of new technologies is more visible than ever. While plenty of new ones comes into existence, the former gets more and more advanced.
Staying ahead in a market like this is always top of mind for me and for VRDK (Virtual Reality – Danmark).
You can come a long way researching in front of your screen, but exploring opportunities first hand and meeting people across the globe, remains an important factor for staying updated.
That’s why VRDK stress the importance of traveling. And that’s why I’m currently out to broaden our horizon in countries like USA and India.
The majority of people have probably stumbled upon the word “Virtual Reality” by now, but that word contains a whole lot of sub-genres within the field
Not a new one, but certainly an improved and exciting sub-genre is “Shared Virtual Reality”.
Simply put, you create a virtual layer and then projects it onto or in a real room. Could be a dome, a ceiling or even a church (pictures is from a show in Mexico using 4 large industry projectors to create a Shared Virtual Reality layer on a church)

This is as stated before one of the technologies which isn’t new, but has advanced along with better 360 cameras, software and off course hardware.
A few benefits of Shared Virtual Reality is that you don’t have to use Virtual Reality headsets.
That way big venues can house 500+ people (also see Samsungs hybercube box).
(This is where the word “Shared Virtual Reality” derives from).
In VRDK we are excited to keep you updated about this technology and please don’t hesitate to contact us to hear more about the opportunities within Shared Virtual Reality.