Last Thursday, long before the sun started coming up, we hit the road and turned the car away from Esromgade and Copenhagen towards Jutland to show how 360 video can be used in different ways.

It was a day of workshops as we were going to two different places to talk about two very different ways that 360˚ video and virtual reality can be used.
First stop, the subject was how to implement 360˚ video, and by that nature virtual reality, into the recruiting for schools.
The workshop focused on the many different ways you could get creative with a camera yourself and of course the more direct marketing solution of having a professional produced video made by VRDK.
For the purposes of the workshop we also produced a short video made entirely with the cameras we were presenting. Below is a screenshot from that shoot. The video can be seen at our Youtube channel.
(Note that this is how a 360˚ video looks in a normal player.)

After an interesting workshop and a pleased audience, we jumped into the car and drove further into Jutland.
Next workshop we solely focused on how to work 360° video. The clients here were not using the cameras for marketing purposes, but rather they were exploring how virtual reality can be used in treating mental illnesses, such as severe anxiety. Something that is very much happening.
We shoved them how the basic settings of the camera worked. Furthermore we discussed how to best explore this medium. For the client this could very much be a game changer in how they work with mental illness and the treatment of this.
After 4-5 hours on the road again, we were finally back in Copenhagen (+ a pit stop where we got some much needed coffee), where the 13 hour workday was ended with a cold beer and 2 satisfied clients.