2018 marks another year of VR. That means that the B2B Virtual Reality market is also stepping into a new year. So what should businesses who wants to explore B2B Virtual Reality in be looking out for?


Advertising in Virtual Reality

At VRDK we are personally really excited about how B2B Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will move into advertising.
HTC Vive have already started giving App developers the opportunity to put Ads in their apps. It is much like when Apps exploded on the Smartphone market.
What is exciting, especially from a B2B Virtual Reality view, is to make the ad an interactive part of the VR experience.
So instead of looking at the ad play at a screen, while you wait, you will be able to feel like you’re there and therefore also have a much more real experience with the product and business, also called “Presence”.
It could also be inside of the movie/game/whatever. Basically immersive product placement.

B2B Virtual Reality

360 Video

VRDK have already produced a number of 360 videos to be used for B2C / B2B Virtual Reality purposes and we expect so see this trend grow in 2018.
What is amazing about a 360 video is the feeling of being there. So a company who want to recruit can show of their offices and daily life in a completely immersive 360 video.
How about live streaming a big event? Put on your VR glasses and you have front-row seats to the entire thing.
360 video is a great way for companies to explore the Virtual Reality universe without blowing the entire budget on a big and heavy production of software.
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